Our People

Amanda Simcic | Secretary

I am a proud Kiwi, and ‘home’ to me is our unique native bush and birdlife, but it needs our intervention. If I do not act, my children might miss the joy of watching a native falcon take flight and that would be a tragedy. We must protect all that we have and the Marlborough Falcon Trust is a great place for me and my family to start.

Kathy Hughes | Founding Member

I have been fortunate to see, hold and be educated on the New Zealand Native Falcon. 

My aim is to grow the awareness of the challenges this spectacular New Zealand native species faces on a daily basis.

It never ceases to amaze me the reaction I see from Adults and Children when they have the opportunity to be up close and educated.   

Become a friend of the Falcon today 

 " they need your support"

Phil Bradfield | Founding Member

New Zealand falcons are our very own Marlborough endangered species and through this unique community-based conservation project, everyone in Marlborough has the opportunity to get up close & personal with these really remarkable and undisputed masters of our skies

Sandie Wright | Treasurer

I’m involved with the Trust as I saw it as a fantastic opportunity to get up close and personal with such an amazing and rare creature.  While I am passionate about all NZ native birds and reptiles, this was an opportunity to actually be directly involved and make a difference to one of them.

Dr Sara Kross | Founding Member

When I first learned about the falcon conservation work going on in Marlborough, I just had to get involved. This is the only place in the world where predator conservation and agriculture work in a mutually beneficial way. But, when I realised that most of the falcon work was funded and run by overseas organisations, I worked hard with a small group of passionate local people to found what is now the MFT. NZ falcons are beautiful, intelligent and unique birds, and as our only remaining endemic bird of prey they are vital to a healthy ecosystem functioning.